Application Guidance

Ahead of making the application you will need to have thought about and gathered evidence that will show how Covid 19 has had an impact upon your business.

In your application you will You will therefore be required to include the following:


A brief background of your business and how it has been affected (max 300 words)


Set out how the grant will help your business to recover (max 300 words)


Provide some details if the grant is to help develop a new product/service/process you haven’t delivered before or is new to the market

Please keep to the permitted grant range of between £1,000 and £3,000 for small items of equipment(maximum two) or other specialist support and or a combination of the two.



What else will you need for your application.

As well as considering the above you will need the following information for your application:-

  • General business information e.g. registered address and trading start date
  • Company Registration Number or Unique Tax Reference (UTR)
  • VAT Number (if registered)
  • Principal activity of business/ SIC code
  • Date began trading
  • Details of the dedicated bank account for your business (which has the same name as the business applying for the grant). You will be asked to upload a bank statement from the period April 2019 to 23 March 2020 and a bank statement from the period April 2020 to September 2020. The bank statements must demonstrate the financial impact you have suffered. The bank statement must show the business name, sort code and bank account number
  • Information on your business turnover in the last financial year and estimated turnover for this financial year
  • For enterprises who operate in the Visitor Economy (Tourism) sector you must include what percentage of your business activity relies upon this
  • No. of employees and full-time equivalents
  • No. of jobs that will be safeguarded as a result of the grant
  • Two recent comparable quotes/prices (dated after 6 October 2020) for the service and/or purchases of equipment/technology to be funded. Quotes must be from VAT registered contractors/suppliers
  • State aid information relating to how much public funding your business has received in the last three years
  • Details of other COVID-19 business support you have received

Further information and clarification is contained within the FAQs

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